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Dedicated to bring you natural products made from India's Neem Tree.

Natural Neem and Aloe products for Natural Remedies for whatever ails you.

You will find that our products made from India's Neem Tree have special healing qualities.  From skin rashes and insect bites to remedies for the immune system. 

There is so much information about this tree and it's properties.  You will find links to that information on the following pages.
Now I know that you must be sceptical.  I was too until I tried it.  I spent my life just like the rest of you, only trusting what the doctor says, what the doctor prescribes.  Well here's a tip......THE DOCTORS DON'T KNOW MUCH ABOUT MEDICINE!!!!!!!!!!  PHARMACISTS DO.   Think about it....what is penecillin made from?  What is asperin made from?  Plants!  Do we trust them?  Yes!  So many of our medicines are derived from Nature.  So why do we find it hard to believe in plants.  I'll tell you what I think......Because our doctors don't Tell us to treat ourselves with natural herbs, that's why.  If they did....boy we'd be all over natural!  Don't we know that Aloe is good for skin,,,,,of course.  So if we get these amazing medicines from nature why wouldn't we entertain the notion that maybe, just maybe there's sooooo many more out there that we don't know about.  I spent many years working with plants so i've learned a thing or two along the way.  I know which ones are harmful and which ones are not.  I also know that plants we think are only for gardens are also some of the best remedies for many illnesses.  So I say to all of you.....why not try something different.  Why is it hard to believe that one plant can help you with so many problems you may have.  It's better for your health,  no known adverse side effects,  less expensive and very versatile.  Imagine having one medicine that took care of all your problems.  Well, Neem does so much more than just one thing.  Neem is very high in Antioxidants which we know is good internally and externally.  If every product is made from Neem then you have all the amazing properties in every product you buy.  Every part of the Neem Tree contains some fantastic, powerful, good for you properties. 
It isn't called THE ULTIMATE HERB for nothing.  WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO LOOSE?  TRY IT TODAY AND YOU'LL BE AMAZED LIKE ME AND MILLIONS OF OTHERS.  Just watch the commercials on tv now.  Almost everyone is coming out with Natural in their products from Shampoos and makeup even Icy Hot.  There's a reasn for it.  They are better for you!
Flea and Tick Infestation Season is Upon us.  Stop spending hundreds of Dollars on Treatments.  All you need is Neem!  Neem will Keep them little monsters from invading your pets.  The Properties that Neem contains inhibit them from snacking on your pets, prevent eggs from hatching and the insects from reproducing.  Now aren't those three things what we need to control plagues and prevent them too. 
Be Kind to your animals go natural. 
Check out some of our other pages also.  Soon you will find recipes for juices that not only are delicious but also you will benefit from their healing properties.
Natural Herbal remedies have been around since the dawn of time.  Most of us have forgotten that nature's farmacy is all around us.  We bring to you natural organic products made from India's "Wonder" Tree for you to experience it's powers.
We are commited to bring you excelence with our line of natural neem and aloe products.  We are always looking for new products to bring to our costumers so keep a look out for new things to come.
Don't be fooled by extremely inexpensive products.  There is only one major manufacturer in the US and their products are not dirt cheap even for wholesalers.  There are also many companies offering products that don't high concentrations of Neem.  I only offer products with the purest and highest concentration of neem.  The more ingredients added the lesser amount of neem it contains.  Our capsules are in sealed contaners to assure you the freshest highest quality.  I do not offer products that don't have high concentrations of Neem.  First of all people may be allergic to the OTHER ingredients.  I am going to be extremely honest with you all.. Neem oil smells really bad! Like Garlic and Sulfer.  And Neem Leaves are sooooooooooooo BITTER. 
 You can add the oil to your favorite smelling oil, cream, lotion, whatever if you can't deal with the smell..And you can aways drink the "tea" really fast then drink your favorite drink to get rid of the taste or try the capsules.  Don't confuse neem oil-which is pressed directly from neem seeds---------with essential oils, which are highly concentrated distilled products that can actually burn the skin if used at concentrations greater than about 2%. 
As a pressed oil, neem can be safely used at full concentrations by almost everyone.

 Neem has so many different USES and a variety of products for these uses ! 




Skin Treatments 

Dry skin, Oily skin, Diabetic Ulcers, Cuts, Burns, Acne,

Psoriasis, Eczema, Sun Burn, Athletes Foot, Nail Fungus,

Chicken Pox, Wrinkles, Age Spots, etc 


Creams, Lotions, Serums, Extracts, Oils, Soaps 


Diabetes, Aids, Cancers, Tumors, Ulcers, Gastric, Viral,

Parasites, Worms,  Venereal, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Colds and Flus, Arthritis, etc


Fresh and Dry Leaves, Teas (Leaf and Bark), Capsules,

SuperCritical Extract Capsules, Extracts 

Hair Treatments

Dandruff, Oily Scalp,  Dry Hair, Oily Hair, Baldness,

Greying, Lice

Oils, Shampoo, Conditioners 

Oral Care

Gingivitis, Cavities, Infections, Periodontal Disasse, etc 

Tooth Sticks, Tooth Paste, Tooth Powders, Mouth Wash,


 Insect Repelants

Mosquitos, Dengue, Malaria, Lice, Chagas, Roaches, Flies,

and many more 

Leaves, Oils, Sprays, Soaps, Trees, etc 


 Plagues, Plant and Tree plagues (insects, fungus)

Insecticide, Plaquicides, Fungicides (Commercial or Home Made) 

Animals *Dogs, Cats, Horses,

Farm Animals, etc

Fleas, Tics, Mange, Parasites, Worms, Keeps flies away, 

skin problems, intestinal problems, Oral Care and much more 

Neem Leaf and Bark, Dog Shampoo, Natural (Frontline or Advantage),

Skin Sprays, Add leaves to the feed to keep it from becoming infested 

Natural Enzime Cleaning Solutions

Household Cleaning 

Natural Organic Enzime Cleaning Solution 

Neem and Influenza


With the Influenza epidemic returning only stronger it's second pass we recommend using Neem. 


Scientific studies indicate that neem BOOSTS the immune system by energizing lymphocytes cells to respond to infection and other challenges to the body's immunity. 


If we start a daily regiment now it is possible that we can prevent this strain of influenza and others from affecting us and those around us.


Neem is just about



  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-arthritic
  • Anti-pyretic (fever)
  • Anti-gastric (ulcer)
  • Anti-fungal
  • Anti-tumor
  • Anti-histamine
  • Anti-feedant
  • Anti-complement (similar to antioxidant)
  • Anti-fertiity
  • Anti-carcinogenic
  • Anti-anxiety 
  • Anti-viral
  • Anti-septic
  • Anti-diabetic
  • Blood-purifying
  • Immune System Booster

Note!  By no means does Neem4Life make the claim that Neem cures or is a medical treatment for any illness or condition.  We give you the informacion and the products.  You decide if it works for you.  It works for us.  Results vary from person to person and consistancy in use.



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For those who are reluctant to use Neem Oil

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Neem Oil Baby Oil Scented.



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Natural Neem Soaps


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Sprouts Spray Dry Dog Shampoo

Neem for Dogs 




100% All Natural Weight Loss Product 


Who would think this little nut could do so much

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(Aleurites molucanna)




According to the USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture o the United States)

The Aluerites Moluccan is safe for human consumption and is non-toxic


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Chocolate Bath and Body Products

 Chocolate Candles

  Chocolate Seed Kits

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Our Natural Bath and Body Products Infused with Chocolate also contain NEEM!



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