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Azadirachta Indica- The Neem Tree

Growing Neem-The Nem Trees's Many Uses and Benefits


Neem is one of the most beneficial natural or Ayurvedic medicine people of India use to treat skin diseases and other ailments.  Neem oil is used as a base for soaps, shampoos, hand and body lotions and creams.  It is also used as an organic bio- pesticide repellant against insects.


The Neem Tree has been called the worlds most researched tree.


Just look at the many medicinal and other uses of that every part of this tree has.  In India this tree is known as the "Village Pharmcy".  There it is known and has been used for centuries.  However, the western world is just now beginning to become aware of it as well as the many products that can be made from it such as neem oil, creams, soaps, extracts, teas, capsules, insecticides, etc.


As with other medicinal plants or herbs you can find so many different home remedies using neem.


Discovering Neem


Azadirachta Indica- Botanical name for neem.  


The whole name, latinized, comes from the Persian language Farsi:

  • Azad means Free
  • Dirakht means Tree
  • i-Hind means of Indan origin 

So the botanical name translates to: "The Free Tree of India"


Also known commonly by Margosa (meaning biter and trust me I've eaten the leaves right of the tree and wow it's bitter.)

Other names: arya veppu, azad dirakht, bev, margosa tree, nim, nimb, nimba and ravipriya


Neem belongs to the Meliaceae or Mohagany family


Neem is a fast growing, evergreen tree and is quite beautiful.  Probably one of the best attributes of this tree is it's abilitily to block mosquitos.  We own a landscaping/nursery business here in Monterrey and every day people ask advice on which tree to plant or plants that help with mosquitos.  We highly recommend the Neem tree because it grows fast and blocks the mosquitos which is really necessary here with the Dengue problem in the summer.


The neem tree has a straight trunk and can reach 30 meters or more, although 15-20 is average.  Depends on the area where it's planted.  The bark is hard, rough and scaly, fissured even in young trees. It's brown in color but in can be a pale or greyish-black in older trees.  The bark is used to produce a variety of products for internal supplements such as neem bark capsules and others.  The bark has properties for many ailments.


Spreading branches with dark green leaves form a dense, round canpy, up to 20 meters across which makes it a great shade tree.


Leaves are alternate and consist of several leaflets with serrated edges.  Not to be confused with Canelo tree.  The flowers are clusters of around 250 white blooms very aromatic.


It has oval shaped fruit, starts out green then turns yellow when ripe, and edible but not very tasty.  Giving 1-3 seeds with each one.  Sort of looks like olives.


The Neem tree has a live span of around 200 years and is grown in a variety of temperatures and conditions.  Our trees are grown in Mexico as our products are made there as well.  Most of the products are produced in Mexico or other countries and imported to the usa.


Every part of the tree has been used for thousands of years in India.  Watching some of the videos on our site will give you a better idea of all the wonders this tree gives us.  Neem is now as stated before grown in many parts of the world giving life to a wonderful new view on nature and our health.  There is a wide variety of products now available commercially.  You can add neem to just about anything to live a healthier life.



Neem Flowers


   Neem Fruits  

Neem Tree Bark   

Neem Tree Fruit   

Neem Tree Leaf    




The leaves of Neem have been used to increase

antibodies and immunity in these patients



Taking Neem internally can be used as a prevention and cure of Malaria. Neem oxidizes
red blood cells, which prevents the transmittance of malaria. It also causes infertility and often
death of mosquitoes. Appliance of Neem to skin prevents mosquito bites. Neem can also lower
fevers during the onset of malaria.


Effective in cases of athlete’s foot,
ringworm, and even controls Candida.

Digestive System

Ulcers and other types of stomach pains – indigestion, gastritis and


Neem is effective against several bacteria strains

like the bacteria that causes cystitis, meningitis, typhoid,

food poisoning (caused by E Coli bacteria or Salmonella ).

Skin Diseases

Highly effective for psoriasis, acne, eczema, itching and warts.





Very effective on skin parasites like lice or scabies.

Also used as an anthelmintic as it kills intestinal worms

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Traditionally used to treat gonorrhea, syphilis and vaginal infections (e.g.
giardinella, trichomonas, candida).

Anti Viral

Very effective with Chicken pox, herpes, colds, influenza,

cold sores and Hepatitis A and B.

Animals/ Pets

Can be applied to animal’s skin to remove pests/ worms, and prevent insects biting.



Chewing Neem sticks reduces plaque,
infection and pain. Used also in cases of gum bleeding
and inflammation. Helps to reduce tooth decay.

Insect Repellent

The use of Neem oil on the skin has been proven to be an effective insect repellent,

e.g.mosquitoes, flies, fleas and ticks from human beings. 


 First Aid

For treating cuts, open wounds and burns,
bruises and sprains (reduces inflammation). Is
traditionally used to reduce fever.

Birth control

Neem has proven to be effective as birth control. Neem oil can be used locally inside the
women’s cavity. Neem tea is effective as birth control only when taken on a regular basis.

When the person stops taking Neem, fertility is re established. To ask
for specific directions, contact Foundation HELP.


*Note: Pregnant women should not take Neem
internally as can induce a miscarriage.


Cautions and side effects: 

Pregnant or nursing women should not use neem.  Persons trying to conceive should not use it either.  Topical skin products are ok.   Ingestible neem products should not be used by children under 12.  Keep out of reach of small children.  Neem oil has been known to cause sever poisoning if ingested.  Neem products should be not be used for extended periods as it could cause live damage.  A good rule of thumb is use it for 2-3 months then rest for the same amount of time.


*Note: Do Not Confuse Neem with Chinaberry


Chinaberry Tree


Chinaberry Leaves                                             Chinaberry Leaf


ChinaBerry Flowers                                          ChinaBerry Flower


ChinaBerry Berries                                               Chinaberry Berry Closeup


Neem tree looks almost exactly like the Chinaberry- Melia azedarach (also known as bead tree, Indian Lilac, Persian lilac, pride of china, umbrella tree, or white cedar among other names.  I have found few diferences working with trees in our nursery. 


The bark of the Chinaberry (Melia azedarach) is tree is reddish-brown, with fissures on mature trees. Leaves are compound with leaflets dark blue-green, pointed, and toothed. Individual leaflets are 2 in. long and less than 0.5 in. wide. Flowers are 5-petaled, mildly scented, and lilac-colored, with a central purple filament tube. Fruit is a round berry, green when immature, and yellow when mature.


Toxic Characteristics

Produces toxins in the fruit, bark, leaves and flowers. Poisoning usually occurs with ingestion of fruits. Known to cause intestinal distress, convulsions, and even death.



Check with a medical professional for additional precautions and contraindications before taking any herb

How to use Neem:

The leaves, bark or seeds must be cleaned before
use. When drying Neem, do it in the shade (not
in direct sunlight). After drying, preferably store
the leaves in a clean glass container.

Neem Tea: Boil 3 cups of water for 10 leaves (or
2 teaspoons of Neem powder): gently boil it
down to 2 cups. (it takes about 20 minutes).
Drink 1 cup in the morning and 1 in the evening,
or apply directly to the skin. It can be kept nonrefrigerated
for up to 2 days.


Neem Powder: Neem leaves can be dried and
ground into a powder. It can be taken internally
or applied externally instead of Neem tea. The
equivalent of 3-5 or 1 teaspoon is recommended

Neem Oil – This usually refers to oil cold
pressed from Neem seeds. However, you can
make a simple neem oil at home putting
powdered leaves into ordinary oil (sunflower,
coconut, corn etc), and filter it out 2 weeks later.
This doesn’t smell/ taste too nice but it is very
effective! Use the oil on the skin. Neem oil can
be use locally as a birth control.

Neem Extract – To prevent malaria and cure
chronic cases. It can also be used as an
antibiotic, antiviral and blood cleanser, and to
boost the immunity of AIDS patients.


Contact Foundation HELP to find out about where Neem drops are produced locally.